Southern 100

4.25 Miles

Billown Circuit - Isle of Man

6.84 Kilometers


Fastest Lap

115.707 mph - Michael Dunlop 2017

Held Since





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The Southern 100 Grandstand is a part of the Start/Finish section of the course. This...

0.00 Kilometers

0.00 Miles


Ballakeighan includes the first major corner on the circuit, which means many bikes pile into...

0.88 Kilometers

0.55 Miles

Iron Gate

Iron Gate leads from the long Ballakeighan Straight. A right hand turn followed by a...

1.79 Kilometers

1.11 Miles

Ballanorris (Joeys' Gate)

Joeys' Gate is the right hand kink just before Ballabeg Hairpin. It was named Joey's...

2.09 Kilometers

1.30 Miles

Ballabeg Hairpin

Ballabeg hairpin is the slowest corner on the Billown Circuit. The average speed is just...

2.49 Kilometers

1.55 Miles


Ballawhetstone is a fast right hand bend trailing the town of Ballabeg and leading onto...

2.99 Kilometers

1.86 Miles

Williams Corner

Williams Corner is a deceiving bend, looking like a slight kink in the road on...

3.39 Kilometers

2.11 Miles

Billown Dip

Billown Dip is a daring corner for riders. Not being able to see the exit...

3.80 Kilometers

2.36 Miles

Cross Four Ways

Cross Four Ways is a crossroad turn named after the 4 directions that can be...

4.51 Kilometers

2.80 Miles

Church Bends

Church Bends is a hugely popular spot for the fans as it provides fast bikes,...

4.99 Kilometers

3.10 Miles

Great Meadow

Great Meadow is a mile-long section with a slight bend halfway. Leading on from Church...

5.58 Kilometers

3.47 Miles

Stadium Corner

Stadium Corner is a fast left hand bend situated on the entrance to Castletown Stadium,...

6.19 Kilometers

3.85 Miles

Castletown Corner

Castletown Corner is the final turn on the circuit and is always the last chance...

6.48 Kilometers

4.03 Miles

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