Isle of Man TT

37.73 Miles

Snaefell Mountain Circuit - Isle of Man

60.71 Kilometers


Fastest Lap

135.452mph - Peter Hickman 2018

Held Since





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Located in Upper Douglas, the Isle of Man TT Grandstand is a great place to...

0.00 Kilometers

0.00 Miles

St Ninian's Crossroads

St. Ninian's Crossroads follows after the first bend on the course, which although it's located...

0.55 Kilometers

0.34 Miles

Bray Hill

Bray Hill is an extremely steep decent that can often be unforgiving. This doesn't stop...

1.09 Kilometers

0.68 Miles


The Quarterbridge is the first slow corner on the course. This doesn't mean the riders...

2.09 Kilometers

1.30 Miles

Braddan Bridge

Braddan Bridge starts with a left hand corner, followed in quick succession by a right...

2.78 Kilometers

1.73 Miles

Union Mills

Union Mills consists of several fast paced curves through a small village on the outskirts...

4.30 Kilometers

2.67 Miles

Ballahutchin Hill

Ballahutchin Hill is a 3/4 mile straight leading out of Union Mills. Riders will ascend...

5.20 Kilometers

3.23 Miles


Ballagarey, also dubbed "Ballascarey" by some riders, is notorious for its high-speed, dangerous qualities. Top...

6.11 Kilometers

3.80 Miles


Crosby starts with a left-handed kink that is taken full throttle in top gear at...

7.79 Kilometers

4.84 Miles

Greeba Castle

Greeba Castle features a left-right linked curve, leading on to a brick wall lined exit....

9.69 Kilometers

6.02 Miles


The Hawthorn Pub features a roof terrace to watch the racing with food & drink...

11.09 Kilometers

6.89 Miles

Gorse Lea

Gorse Lea is a fast set of corners on the run up to Ballacraine. Although...

11.49 Kilometers

7.14 Miles


Ballacraine, located just east of St. Johns village, is a slow right-hand bend, before the...

12.39 Kilometers

7.70 Miles


Ballaspur, situated between the 7th and 8th Milestone of the TT course, is a fast...

12.70 Kilometers

7.89 Miles

Ballig Bridge

Located 800 meters away from the famous Ballacraine pub, Ballig Bridge is a popular spot...

13.29 Kilometers

8.26 Miles

Doran's Bend

Doran's Bend is a tricky bend, located in Glen Helen. The name originates from 1950s...

13.39 Kilometers

8.32 Miles

Laurel Bank

A sweeping right turn next to Island Landscapes. Remember to ask permission from the land...

14.29 Kilometers

8.88 Miles

Black Dub

The Black Dub is located in Glen Helen. On the right hand side of the...

14.69 Kilometers

9.13 Miles

Glen Helen

Glen Helen is the location of the first timing point on the course. The 1.3...

15.69 Kilometers

9.75 Miles

Sarah's Cottage

Sarah's Cottage is the right-hander leading out of Glen Helen. The corner is a popular...

15.99 Kilometers

9.94 Miles

Creg Willey's

Creg Willey's is an uphill series of corners, leading out of Sarah's. It is mostly...

16.28 Kilometers

10.12 Miles


Lambfell is the bump in the road just before the Cronk-Y-Voddy straight. This is taken...

16.49 Kilometers

10.25 Miles

Cronk Y Voddy

Being one of the more popular spots among fans, this 1.2 mile (1.9km) straight is...

17.49 Kilometers

10.87 Miles


Named after the acclaimed sidecar driver, Molyneux's is a terrifying right-hander (located at the end...

17.80 Kilometers

11.06 Miles

Drinkwater's Bend

The 11th milestone is a rapid S-bend. It's also known as Drinkwater's bend as a...

18.49 Kilometers

11.49 Miles


This corner was named after the Isle of Man TT legend, John McGuinness in 2013....

19.48 Kilometers

12.11 Miles

Barregarrow (Top)

The top of Barregarrow is an extremely fast left-hander, which is followed by a short...

20.48 Kilometers

12.73 Miles

Barregarrow (Bottom)

You'll have to arrive early to secure a spot at this famous corner. Limited views...

21.09 Kilometers

13.11 Miles

Douglas Road Corner

Located just a few hundred meters away from one of the largest campsites on the...

23.09 Kilometers

14.35 Miles

Kirk Michael Village

The famous Kirk Michael village shows scenes of riders, just inches away from the pavements,...

23.28 Kilometers

14.47 Miles


Rhencullen is a popular spot leading out of Kirk Michael, with seating, parking and food/drink...

24.46 Kilometers

15.20 Miles

Birkin's Bend

Birkin's Bend, preceded by Rhencullen, is a corner named after Archie Birkin. Birkin was participating...

24.59 Kilometers

15.28 Miles

Dub Cottage

Dub Cottage is a cottage situated half way between Kirk Michael and Ballaugh....

25.99 Kilometers

16.15 Miles

Ballaugh Bridge

Ballaugh Bridge, the only remaining bridge on the course see's riders send both wheels off...

27.58 Kilometers

17.14 Miles


Ballacrye Jump is one of the few places where both wheels of the bike lift...

28.79 Kilometers

17.89 Miles

Quarry Bends

Quarry Bends is a series of right-left-right bends on the approach to Sulby, named after...

29.70 Kilometers

18.46 Miles


Caley's is a fast left-hand bend leading into the village of Sulby....

30.59 Kilometers

19.01 Miles

Sulby Straight

Sulby Straight is the fastest straight on the circuit, at just over 1.5 miles, riders...

30.83 Kilometers

19.16 Miles

Sulby Bridge

Sulby Bridge, located just after the Sulby Straight is a slow 90-degree corner that sees...

32.39 Kilometers

20.13 Miles

Ginger Hall

Ginger hall is a pub located on the inside of the circuit....

32.66 Kilometers

20.30 Miles


Kerrowmoar is an extremely bumpy and technical section of the course....

33.15 Kilometers

20.60 Miles


Glentramman is a mid-speed left-hand-corner in the middle of a bendy section of the track....

35.64 Kilometers

22.15 Miles


Churchtown is a popular spot amongst fans. Riders tear through the series of fast-paced bends,...

36.54 Kilometers

22.71 Miles

School House Corner

School House Corner is a medium speed corner, opposite the local high school. The area...

37.81 Kilometers

23.50 Miles

Parliament Square

Parliament Square is one of the slowest points on the circuit, but still a very...

38.36 Kilometers

23.84 Miles

May Hill

May Hill is a fast uphill section, leading out of Ramsey Town Center....

38.46 Kilometers

23.90 Miles

Cruickshanks Corner

Cruickshanks Corner is an off-camber right-hand-bend, which can be very tricky for riders to tackle....

38.65 Kilometers

24.02 Miles


Whitegates is a left-hand-bend, situated on the 24th milestone. The corner is named after two...

38.95 Kilometers

24.21 Miles

Stella Maris

Stella Maris is a right-hand-bend situated on the very outskirts of Ramsey's population....

38.60 Kilometers

23.99 Miles

Ramsey Hairpin

Ramsey Hairpin is a hairpin bend that leads riders up onto the Snaefell Mountain ascent....

39.47 Kilometers

24.53 Miles


The Waterworks are two medium speed right-hand-bends that were named after the nearby Ballure reservoir....

41.74 Kilometers

25.94 Miles

Tower Bends

Tower bends are an S-bend type corner, named after Prince Albert, who climbed to the...

40.39 Kilometers

25.10 Miles


The Gooseneck is a sweeping right-hand-corner that is popular with spectators and photographers, as it...

41.79 Kilometers

25.97 Miles

26th Milestone

The 26th Milestone (also known as Joey's, after the late Joey Dunlop for his 26...

42.06 Kilometers

26.14 Miles


Guthrie's Memorial is a right-hand-bend situated opposite a memorial dedicated to the late Jimmie Guthrie,...

43.15 Kilometers

26.82 Miles

Mountain Box

The Mountain Box is a left-hand-bend that follows the Mountain Mile, which is named after...

46.26 Kilometers

28.75 Miles

Black Hut

Black Hut is a left-hand-bend, named after the marshal's post that is situated on the...

47.55 Kilometers

29.55 Miles


The Verandah is a very technical group of bends, with the mountainside on the right,...

47.95 Kilometers

29.80 Miles

Les Graham Memorial

The Les Graham memorial is a fast left-hand-bend, which is situated beside a memorial dedicated...

48.95 Kilometers

30.42 Miles

The Bungalow

The Bungalow is a group of two corners, that cross over the Snaefell Mountain Railway...

49.77 Kilometers

30.93 Miles

Hailwoods Rise

Hailwood's Rise is a mile-long straight leading up to the highest point on the circuit....

49.90 Kilometers

31.01 Miles

Hailwoods Height

Hailwood's Height is the highest section on the course, which leads to Brandywell....

50.78 Kilometers

31.56 Miles


Brandywell is smooth left-hand curve, named after a nearby well that farmers used to use...

50.92 Kilometers

31.65 Miles

32nd Milestone

The 32nd Milestone (also known as Duke's, named after the late Geoff Duke) is a...

51.60 Kilometers

32.07 Miles

Windy Corner

Windy Corner is a medium speed right-hand-bend, named after the incredible wind speeds that riders...

52.32 Kilometers

32.52 Miles

Keppel Gate

Keppel Gate is a left-hand-bend leading up to the famous Kate's Cottage. Spectators can view...

54.38 Kilometers

33.80 Miles

Kates Cottage

Kate's Cottage is a famous white cottage situated on the right-hand side of the left-handed...

54.72 Kilometers

34.01 Miles


The Creg-ny-Baa is arguably one of the most famous points on the 37.7-mile long Isle...

55.51 Kilometers

34.50 Miles


Gob-ny-Geay is an extremely fast right-hand-kink. At 180mph, it takes commitment and skill to keep...

56.19 Kilometers

34.92 Miles

Brandish Corner

Brandish Corner is a short-circuit style left-hand-bend. It is a fast, but very wide corner,...

56.97 Kilometers

35.41 Miles

Hillberry Corner

Hillberry is a popular spot amongst spectators. With a grandstand, facilities and a wall usually...

57.92 Kilometers

36.00 Miles


Cronk-ny-Mona is a fast left-hand-bend, and the first signs of a populated town since Ramsey....

58.44 Kilometers

36.32 Miles

Signpost Corner

Signpost Corner is usually a roundabout for 50 weeks of the year. That changes for...

59.00 Kilometers

36.67 Miles

Bedstead Corner

Bedstead Corner is a fast left-hand-bend running under the footbridge. Riders often take this corner...

59.37 Kilometers

36.90 Miles

The Nook

The Nook was a recent addition to the course and is one of the only...

59.66 Kilometers

37.08 Miles

Governors Bridge

Governors Bridge is the slowest place on the course, with riders dipping down to just...

60.02 Kilometers

37.30 Miles

Glencrutchery Road

Glencrutchery Road is the home straight on the Snaefell Mountain Circuit, as riders head up...

60.35 Kilometers

37.51 Miles

Return Road

The return road is used by riders after a practice session or race. Riders are...

60.58 Kilometers

37.65 Miles

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